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RE: Minimum Wage Madness article link
Ultimately increasing wages, causes most things to go up in price helping no one in the long run. The government needs to work on cutting costs by running a better ship. As small business owners we have to work within budgets, the same should apply to them. The cost of living would go up by this increase and would further harm the bottom line.

Email: soniasachania@aol.com

RE: Food Photo Frenzy article link
What a great article! I hope you're okay with my sharing it...of course on social media. My colleagues and clients would be interested. Thanks!
Posted by: Deborah Shepard
Email: destinationExcellence2day@gmail.com

RE: Drip Pricing Versus Upselling – Analyzing the Subtle Difference article link
Well said! However, I used to love groups that wanted a substantial discount for long term stay-I would offer the lower rate BUT also only offer one full clean a week and light clean the rest to offset on the expense side. It's a win/win when you have over 500 rooms to sell and it's a slow period!
Posted by: Shay Baranowski
Email: shay.baranowski@ihg.com

RE: Service, Profit, or Both? article link
You are absolutely right. Many a time,Hoteliers forgot that they are running a business, meaning making money no matter what. It is combination of having a business acumen and providing service par excellence and if got that right, you are on the way to a successful life.
Posted by: Mr. Chin Keong Liew - BA
Email: cklokeman@yahoo.com

RE: In Vino Veritas Part 11 - Let’s Talk China article link
Fascinating read and great information.
Posted by: Pam Scott
Email: pam.scott@redlion.com

RE: Raising the Emotional Stakes article link
It is very enlightening but that is what "Hospitality" is all about. It is a very people-oriented service that not many hotel managers (management) realise. That being said, staff cannot be replaced no matter how advance technology is.
Posted by: Mr. Chin Keong Liew - BA

RE: Calling for a Commission Free Day article link
This is one of the least forward thinking ideas ever and frankly, typical thought process for someone not actually working at a major hotel or chanin that understands the real hotel business. First of all, hotels do not pay a commission direct to OTA's...the rates are net rates and the OTA marks it up whatever percentage was negotiated in their contract with the supplier. This is important because hotels than do not have the expense on the back side like we do for travel agents and third party planners. The rate is what it is and you can yield up other market segments to properly drive the correct mix for your hotel. Also, if you were an early adopter and partner with an OTA back in the day, I assure you the "commissions" are no where near 30% and in fact many large hotels in the top 3 hotel markets for OTA's are much closer to 10% than 30%. And although margins are higher than a TA 10% commission, the OTA's drive tens of thousands more bookings than traditional Travel agents, so the extra margin is well worth it and should be considered a marketing/advertising fee. OTA's are great partners 365 days a year and yes, during peak times do we all get greedy and wish they did not exist...of course. But in business, you have to take the good with the bad and if you want to have a long-term strategic partner than an OTA Free Day would be the dumbest idea ever.

RE: Calling for a Commission Free Day article link
The key is to pick a day that would not hurt the hotels, but would hurt the OTAs...in the US I would say July 4. But it is too late to do it for 2014 (already have reservations!). So my suggestion would be July 4, 2015 and turn it off now. Most hotels would sell anyway and not give up 25% commission to the OTAs on that date.
Posted by: Ron Wallace
Email: rwallace@ashleyinns.com

RE: 15 Hotel Room Grievances article link
Great points but I believe you have omitted a key issue - a great sleep experience. After staying at a Comfort Inn in Carbondale, Co, I am amazed that they updated the furniture but left old, totally dead mattresses. When I asked the Corporate Comfort Inn Customer Support department about it, they said that the hotel told them they they could not vouch for the quality of the mattresses as they didn't know about them. Unbelievable.

RE: Holiday Inn Express Gets Ground Up New Look article link
Well let's hope they are not really going to use chairs and sofas that look like the ones shown in the pictures because I guarantee you they are not "comfortable"!
Posted by: Mr. Gary E Fletcher - MHS
Email: gef@dowfletcher.com

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